Q> Auto Ortho View to selected face

Hello new to blender
im looking for script if there is a certain plugin exist or is already built in Blender if i only miss it

my work flow currently ( hotkeys )

Alt + W = Top
Alt + S = Bottom
Alt + D = Right
Alt + A = Left
Alt + Q = Back
Alt + E = Front
Alt + X = Quad View

all my alt is for viewing
ex . alt + R = Render … alt + C go to camera alt + Z types of shading )

i have no problem with This but the Views … Top bottom back front and etc… is consuming a lot of keyboard shortcut…

Now What Im looking For
is there a plugin for example

Scenario 1
I created A Cube

then i select The Top Face
then i hit a Hotkey … then it Will Automatically go To The Selected face + Orthographic View which is the Top View
then when i select again the same cube but Left Face and hit the same hotkey then it will go automatically at Left Orthographic View

its like in 1 hotkey but it will automatically Detect the view which direction of face is selected.
is there a such a plugin exist or is it possible?

im sorry for bad english i stated scenario if someone doesnt understand.


hello thank you for answering

this is what im looking For