[Q] BL 2.77 OBJ update, i dont understand or find it

Hi all,

on the feature page of blender.org you can find all new features DUH…

Well at the addonssection, there is this part about the OBJ addon.

Updated Add-ons:
OBJ IO: Added limited support for MTL texture mapping options

I cant seem to find a OBJ IO addon, i do have the basic one. But that shows the MLT options???

the changes were made to the existing addon. (the one in io_scene_obj/ folder)

so basically its working already. :wink:

okay thanks for the info…

Really dont understand those MLT options or whatever, nothing shows. Why bother notifying us when we dont see any difference, at least thats what i have here

Hi, IO meant only input/output.
They add something but it seams it is not represented in the UI.
I will add more information when I can catch the .obj developer. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib

okay, thanks!

i was just curious for those functions but saw nothing changed there :slight_smile:

the changes are documented here:https://developer.blender.org/rBAecdc7c03ec14e

OBJ IO: add (limited) support for options of textures in MTL files.

This commit adds IO support for:

-o (offset texture)
-s (scale texture)
-bm (bump multiplier, used a normal factor)

so, there’s not much to see. but now exporting/importing obj files include textures and some attributes related to textures…

okay, thanks for the update! Perhaps it should be added here

thats fast…