[Q] blender shutdown

hey pple , i got a new computer , faster etc , but when i install blender… and run it , i get the dos window for a second then it goes away , and blender doesn’t start up , anyone know what’s wrong? i tried reinstalling etc , but doesn’t work

If you are using Windows, perhaps you have to install this?

tried that , still has the same problem… :-/

Open a command window thing and go to “C:\program files\blender foundation\blender” or whatever (tab completion is great if you have it on…) and just type ‘blender’ and see if it prints anything errory?

I an new to this forum, and I am a little worried that I am posting this to the wrong place. I have a similar problem. I am running Windows XP with the latest updates (auto update) on a Dell Dimension 9100, dual P4’s (3.00) with 3BG on board. I am using an Nvidia GeForce 5200 FX.

The Error log says EventType : BEX P1 :blender.exe P2 : P3: 46eba424 P4: blender.exe P5: P6: 46eba424 P7: 00318667 P8: c0000409 P9: 00000000

I don’t really have any clue what any of this means, so I am probably giving you guys useless data. The BEX means that I have a buffer exceeded error, I know that much. There is a technical information link on the error box, and when clicked, it gives me the following information

C:\DOCUME~1\DAVIDW~1\LOCALS~1 emp\WERf1d5.dir00\blender.exe.mdmp C:\DOCUME~1\DAVIDW~1\LOCALS~1 emp\WERfd5.dir00\appcompat.txt

I have updated the drivers for the Nvidia, using windows update, and I am running (or attempting to run) blender 2.45 I have updated the windows C++ link on the “download blender” page. I can sometimes get a little use out of it by uninstalling it, and reinstalling it.

It seems to crash during save, or sometimes when I try to render something. Once it crashes, it wont start again until I uninstall and reinstall. I really hope that somebody can help me with this, Blender is a really cool tool.


I found this thread


In which another person had the same issue, and this thread.

Where a person also had the same issue.

That recommended deleting the b.blend file. I am uninstalling, deleting and reinstalling blender pretty regularly, so I had no hesitations. Didn’t help.

My next guess, if this thread doesn’t bring some sort of relief, is to crack the box and remove the second graphics card, which is an ATI, and delete the drivers. Since the second graphics card is waiting on a new monitor to be delivered, it is kind of extraneous at this point. Storing it safely is something of an issue, but I can figure that out.

After that, changing the names of the blender and the blender foundation files as recommended in the tech guy support thread.

Please guys, you are the Pros From Dover. If anybody has an answer to this problem, you guys can.

I want to stop wrestling with the program, and start wrestling with my renderings.


just had the exact same problem.

tried to save a work (the only difference was that this file was with a subsurf modifier, if it means something) and suddenly it got stuck, then crashed.
since then it only crashes on startup.

but it did something weird:
when i restarted the computer the windows popped a message that said that winio.dll was missing. i d/l the file but blender still crashes.

here similar problem… dos windows freeze and i need to terminate it… blender won’t start. pls help us XD i have windows xp sp2 on amd athlon xp 64 3200+ 1GB ram videocard ati 9800 256 mb ram