Q; Central folder for plugins?

(Rob) #1


Is it possible to create a ‘master folder’ for plugins in Blender? Something external to the user folder and installation of Blender?
I use Softimage, Maya en sometimes Houdini, and all these apps have the ability to set up a external folder for plugins, addons etc.
In the startup file you add a string to the folder for the app to look at, so it loads the plugins at startup.

It’s very useful when running multiple versions of a 3d application, or versions of plugins for that matter.



(0rAngE) #2

Not an arbitrary folder AFAIK.

But you can have multiple instances of blender with unique preferences.
Here’s how.

(Rob) #3

Thanks, will have a look at that.

Too bad you cannot set up a ‘workgroup’ folder with Blender, it’s very convenient.
Maybe it will be there at some point in the future.



(wilBr) #4

Edit-> preferences -> system -> files -> script path

adicional script folder to search for addons

save preferences

(Rob) #5

Oohh… Nice one!

Thanks, will see how that will work out. :slight_smile:


(Rob) #6


I must be doing something wrong here.
What I did was have a look at the user prefs and the basic folder layout of Blender itself.

So I created a workgroup folder called ‘WG_Blender’, with the subfolders ‘datafiles’, ‘python’ and ‘sctripts’ mimicking Blender.
What I then did was link Blender to this workgroup via the user preferences like you said.

As I want to use a standarized set of HDRI’s for Lookdev (and more…), I added ‘studiolights/world’ folders in ‘datafiles’.
All the same as in the Blender folders.

Now I added some .exr environment images in the ‘world’ folder, and restarted Blender. The new files do not show up when clicking on the sphere. Only the default environments show.

I can add a new one via the gear icon or preferences, but thie new one is added to the user preferences under ‘C:\Users\rob\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\datafiles\studiolights’.

Not what I want. :wink:

any tips?


Edit: it seems that manually adding .exr for Lookdev only works until you restart Blender.
A file is added to the preferences folder though…
Can someone confirm this is a bug? (build 2019-01-14 11:43)

(Rob) #7


No one is using additional folders for addons, scripts etc. in Blender?
Cannot imagine everybody is just being happy with the user preferences filling up :wink:
Also, this way it’s much easier to nuke the user prefs when things go t##tsup:wink:


(wilBr) #8

I’m using custom script path only, working great… but custom script folder needs to replicate blender script folder structure only (addons, addons_contrib, modules, presets …) (I’m using only “addons_contrib” folder inside my custom script folder).

(Rob) #9

HI wilBr,

That was it! It’s working now. :slight_smile:
It would be nice though to be able to set custom folders for matcaps, studiolights and world as well.
Or at least have the added custom environment etc show up after a restart of Blender.

But thanks again, one more thing off the list ;0


(wilBr) #10

Yes, I agreement.
Good that it works to you.