Q: Cutting off while rendering

Hi there,

so im fairly new with blender, altho not a total noob, but still there are things i dont know how to do. currently im trying to render some animations, diablo2 style and i want to cutoff from the weapons the parts where the wrists are but without rendering the wrists.

i hope it makes sense, if not i wuld post example images.


  • Separate the “hidden” geometry of your weapon (make it a seperate object) and hide that object for rendering.


  • Give the wrists an alpha mask material that cuts out everything behind it (gives hidden parts the background color / transparency). The material setup for this varies depending on which render engine you use.
  • Blender Render: Enable mask transparency for your wrists and set the alpha slider to 0.
  • Cycles Render: give the wrists a pure transparent material. Select your weapon material and add the following node setup:


Isn’t that what the Holdout shader (in this case applied to the wrists) is for?

Top: Regular shader on the figure / Bottom: Holdout shader on the figure

You are totally right, this is far better than my approach for cycles!

Another possibility is to exclude/mask layers from the render layer panel. Thought this is aimed for more complex scenes…