Q:Does Blender really need a new logo?+ideas for new logo

I don’t see any proposal - unless I missed one - that is a rebranding.

To rebrand would be to start from scratch.

To there are companies that specialize in this kind of thing. And I think Blender has grown to the point that if they (bf) wanted to rebrand they could hire a company to assist with it.

Do you mind if I ask you an off-topic question? I see you have two Blender versions in your Dash/Activities screen…how did you accomplish that?

As far as the Blender logo goes, I agree totally.

On installing Pop! OS, I create separate partition mounted /Home, uninstall all applications except essential system apps/utilities and install Menu Editor (MenuLibre) using Pop!_Shop, I install flatpak applications where possible, create a /Home/Applications folder, appimages (if no flatpak available, I do not install appimaged) and binaries like Godot and Blender go in Applications folder, I never install Blender from Steam, snap (ugh, not a fan) or repo, always .tar.xz standalone from blender.org, and always create .config folder in version folder of each standalone for per version settings, use Menu Editor which creates .desktop files in /Home/.local/share/applications, however when done creating and saving .desktop file for each version of Blender, you need to go to said folder and remove menulibre- from .desktop files eg menulibre-example.desktop to example.desktop otherwise dash to dock will show extra icons in dock when running launched programmes…

Thanks! :+1:

i love his new design tbh. it looks fresh and modern!