[Q] Experience with 8400M GS (128MB/64Bit) + Blender

Well, i wanted to know if anyone uses the above card with a Dualcore in his notebook with Blender and can tell me something about the average performance.

Too poor to work?
Good enough for some work?
Quite good on notebook resolutions?

Any input concerning this exaxt card is welcome :slight_smile:

  • No nvidia mobile are all corrupt thread pls :smiley:

A good start would be running

I have one and I like it a lot.
These days people don’t know the people of the hardware they have available!

Some years ago the best (affordable) graphic cards were a LOT worse than a 8400GS and people did what they had to do.

Chuck it and buy an ATi Radeon 7500 :stuck_out_tongue:

No, PLEASE do not heed that advice. It is the worst thing you could do.

We have a similar card to that in our family computer here, and it works fine. Trouble is that Windows XP doesn’t ever want to take advantage of it. Same with my 6600 LE in my computer. Windows XP is a fourth of the speed as Linux with it. I don’t know why. I have the latest drivers installed and everything.

I love my lappy with an 8400 GS. Runs Blender pretty well. Far beyond the integrated chipsets. I can actually WORK on this laptop. I’ve been using it for my MOI stuff primarily and have no issues. I’m spoiled also as my two desktops have an 8800gt and HD4850, so I’m used to working with Blender running smoooooth.