Q? fog and normal mapping?

I have a scene using the normal mapping like in the demo…If I turn on mist… the normal map script does something to it… I can see it briefly before the normal mapping turns on when you run the games engine…

Anyway to get the two working togethor would require me to understand GLSL right? YES I’m clueless as to what the normal map script does… I just copied and pasted it into my file… is there a simple way of getting mist and normal mapping working togethor?

It’s for a sort of indiana jones temple … big stone ball rolling and smashing pillars etc… thought it would look cool if the ball comes through some mist… like a nice suprise for the viewer:D… the normal mapping looks sweet!

what is glsl?

some sort of opengl shader language

ok GLSL stands for OpenGL Shading Language.
Leme guess. Fog has zero effect on objects that use the shader, correct.
The reason for this is that fog is part of OpenGL’s fixed functionality pipline. GLSL is a way for the user to override this functionality.
If you dont know what im talking about then go here…
Read as much as you can, or until you get a good understanding. Then you should get why fog does not work.

Fog can be implemented using gl_FragDepth or gl_FogCoord. Im not gona tell you how to do this, but if you do some reading you will find its simple enough.

Spike1907 -hey thanks for pointing me in the right direction! That site looks like it has some awesome info. Will any GLSL shaders be built straight into blender with the incorporation of ogre as the gfx engine?

Thanks Spike :slight_smile:

okay so the fog has to implemented in the GLSL shader cos it overides the other thingy–er standard non-GLSL shaders…

That is correct.

Now I just have to figure out how to implement it ;-). I think i’m just going to have a look at shader designer. You can’t use GLSL to make shadows can you?

You can use GLSL for every single effect you can think of…
Given the correct circumstances, which are not present in blender :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude dont worry about all the crazy effects stuff. We get Ogre in just over a month.

Also take a look at the GLSL documentation at OpenGL.org

I’m going to be doing some realtime gfx work for some multi-media company probally starting next week (sort of driving simulation thing -lots of low polly streets and signs traffic lights etc) so I’m trying to make some portfolio pieces (graphics demos) in blender using as many effects as I can get working. Very excited bout the orge implementation!