[Q] Is there a way to view all objects which are keyframed on a certain frame at once

I was wondering if there is method or workflow that i can see what is keyframed on a certain frame. In the time line i see a yellow line indicating something is keyed. In the dopesheet you can see the frame and keys accordingly, but how can i see what object has the keys on that frame. Now i need to search for it.

The reason is that i had some keys indications and noticed that Grease pencil also adds these. I didnt new that, i thought something was animated so looked in all my meshes and noticed that the objects had grease pencil on them. When i deleted them, they went away. BUt im still seeing a key frame while nothing is selected. I turned on the option “Only Keyframes from selected channels”.

Wondering what options are they i dont know of?