Q: Looking for rigid Body cache location.

Hey there, I made a nice litte cell frecture blend and applied active and passive rigid body physics on it. It works fine on my computer but because my computer is not the fastest on the world it takes ages just to render 1 frame and I need to render about 200 frames.
After looking on the internet for render farms I fond a place called http://www.sheepit-renderfarm.com. THis place is quite cool for rendering stuff free. So I tried to render my little animation, but the animation was missing. I think because I uploaded only the blender file and not the cache of the animation. The problem is I cant find the cache. Is there an option to choose the chache location for the animation? for example like the fluid cache?

Cheers, I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

Bake the rigid body animation to keyframes. Select the objects you want to bake, press spacebar and search for bake, select ‘Bake to Keyframes’. Set the frame range and press ok.
Save your blend file and use this to send to a renderfarm

The problem is I cant find the cache.