[Q] Making thatched roof using groups which bends to shape or able to comb

Im wondering how i can make palapa roof using groups or objects where the hair bend when they are combed. Ive first tried using a softbody but each hair gets the same effect then which didnt look very nice.

Ive tried using preshaped mesh groups, but they dont act to the form of the roof.

Is this even possible?

Here’s my try using preshaped meshes

ive attached a really simple setup using a single straw, but its complete straight. This doesnt bend when i use the comb function.


Palapa cycles.blend (198 KB)

okay think i got some workflow now, but im curious what others could bring.

i now added a hair particle system and used the comb to make the hair fall nice on the roof. Then i convert this to mesh and use the screw mode to make planes of them. Then i uv unwrap the whole bunch, this is the tricky part. It takes ages to unwrap and half of the mesh are rotated 45 degrees. I then use align/distribute to align then and get them rotated
Then i add a shape key and do some random transform to get some more movement. The lines are flat from side-view and this gives them a bit of “thickness”, as it seems.

For the material, i use an alpha to mask it.

Looks quite nice. Ill see if i can perfect this workflow a bit more, perhaps other ideas