Q.U.B.E - a good example of simple game (with Unreal Engine)

Just a good example and idea of a simple and good game. I think this is 1-2 weeks work to create in BGE for a coder+gfx man.


… zero replies in 2 days?

That’s really surprising, especially since this game presents a really neat concept, and one that could easily be implemented in the BGE.

Actually, I put together a small demo that replicates the basic components of the gameplay (attached).

So, if anyone wants to do the art part, feel free to do so.

This includes you, endi. :wink:


QUBE.blend (448 KB)

thank you, good starting :slight_smile:

another good example (I dont want to open new topic):

very good car game with simple but good gameplay!

edit: gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67G_5hEd7g4

just amazing, thank you for your work (once again)

Screenshot attached for those who were too lazy to download Social’s file. Definitely worth the effort.

Social: Your jump mechanic hangs when contact is made with the side of a block. Other than that, very nice. Hope someone takes you up on the art aspect.


I think in Blender this game will 10 megs (exe version with the dlls).
Unreal engine version is horrible big…

I discovered Q.U.B.E a few days ago on moddb.com and the screenshots made me curious because they reminded me of Portal, one of my favourite games. I think these kind of games (First-Person Puzzlers with simple but stylistic graphics and awesome gameplay) are very good for little teams of independent game developers, as seen at Narbacular Drop and TAG, whose developers even got hired to work on Portal and it’s sequel (hopefully) coming soon.
Those two, especially TAG are also good examples for simple environment, but great and innovative gameplay.
I think the best opportunity for indie game developers is to come up with something innovative, which is in my opinion one of the most important features of a game.

Hope to see more games like Q.U.B.E and Tag in the future!

btw @Social: as always, amazing work!

I think this is due to the friction generated when the player body is moving into the block side.

You can fix that by adding a different material for all block sides, and changing the friction value for that material to zero (it would probably be a good idea to set that same frictionless material for all the player sides).

PS: I appreciate the promotional material ;).


Yea, “Tricky Truck” is another “perfect for blender” kind of game.

… Maybe someone will take it up when they finally finish their MMORPG.

@fisicomolon & Jay-D

Thanks for the compliments.

very good social and endi, it s a simple and fun game, i played the social version and like it a lot.
And this truck game have the best real time ao that I ever saw