QBlocker for Blender 2.8

Hello everyone!

I would like present you my QBlocker interactive object creator addon.
With this, you can create Cube, Cylinder and Sphere objects similar to 3ds max. And in addition i developed a snapping tool inside it:)
This is only the second public version of it, but i’m planning to extend it with more objects and tools for quick blockout.

You can download it for free: https://gumroad.com/l/gOEV
If you like it, you can by this empty product to donate: https://gumroad.com/l/qaThe

Hope you like it! :slight_smile:


And a quick documentation: https://qblockerdocs.readthedocs.io/

Plus an other gif. (new users not allowed to put two image in one post:D )


Awesome work! I felt so bad about downloading it for free I went back and donated :stuck_out_tongue:


this little thing is nifty. Keep on keeping on!


Really loving this add-on! I noticed that in the notes for the 0.1.1 update that it says " * Tweak segments when holding ‘S’ now locks mesh height." but I found that this does not work for creating a sphere. Is this intentional? It would be a nice addition, I think, if it would lock the sphere height as well. :slight_smile:



Thank you!
It works in Sphere too, but only at the other BaseTypes.
The “Uniform All” is a hack for now:D When you adjusting the height and press S, i check if you are the height set state, and stop updating the scale. But the Uniform all is setting the height in the first stage, and skip the height set manually. But you can set the segments anytime. Even before starting to create the object.
But good catch, i will fix it in the next version:)

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Cool, is it possible to make it work in edit mode ?
to work even faster with bevel, inset etc…

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Looks cool. I’ll give it a whirl when I get home.

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Thank you! In theory it is possible to make it work in edit mode, and i planning it.
But that’s need to be a different operator with modified behaviour because the need to reach the scene data in a different way.
But others asked it too, so it’s on my list!:slight_smile:


hi @Balazs_Szeleczki really nice Work …
take a look at this treads … blender need your help

read this information for you

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Hello! Thank you:)
Well i’m not sure how i can help. Doing anything in the source code stands above my skills because i am a 3D artist. And sadly I barely have time for my small tool in my remaining free time.

But in long term i want to modify the snapping class to be a reusable modul, so others can integrate into their tools. I am not an expert coder, but if it works, then it works :smiley:
Or it would be fun to reproduce the transform mechanic with ‘G’ in an operator, but extend it with my snapping class :slight_smile:
It feels good to code for Blender. I liked maxscript too, but has a lot of limitation. And the python modul for 3ds max has a lot of missing class implementation :confused:
I have a plenty of “oh i can do it too?” moment when i start to work with blender:D But i miss scripted modifiers…

Hi @Balazs_Szeleczki,

I really like the add-on, and it’s fabulous for blocking out hard-surface models, but for organic character modeling it’s a bit too limited for me at the moment.

Here’s what I’d love to see in a future update, if possible:

  • More shapes, such as capsule, cone, pyramid, torus and quad sphere.
  • Height segments for cylinder, capsule, cone, etc., so they can be bent and manipulated right away.
  • Taper and Bend options (maybe using Simple Deform modifier).
  • Possibility to add objects in Sculpt Mode.
  • Boolean operations.
  • Ability to immediately move / rotate / scale an object you have just created without exiting creation mode.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


Hello! Thank you!

I like your suggestions :slight_smile:

  • I’m reworking the whole stage system for the different manipulations of the mesh. Now it is static and hard to add other steps. For example a Cone need an other step to set the top radius. After that, i can make new mesh variants:) But in addition i need to code the geometry generator myself. But i can do it:)
  • Height segments possible too. For cylinder it is easy. But for example the cube need to replaced by custom geometry generator, so i can integrate segments in it. It will be part of the mention above:)
  • Others already asked for the edit mode feature. I think it can be solved, but need new operators to handle the sculpt or edit mode.
  • Boolean…well it’s not hard, but Boxcutter for example really good in boolean operations. And as a respect for the creator i don’t want to overlap with his addon features. More like to be a side companion in his workflow:)
  • Move, Rotate, Scale possible. But first i want to make separated operators for them, similar what is in Blender, but extend with my snapping tool. Later maybe i will use it as module in QBlocker mesh creation.

Have a nice day!


That’s great, @Balazs_Szeleczki, thanks! I’ll keep a close eye on QBlocker development, and of course donate as soon as I really start to use it.

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there is the coincidence that better snapping tool and precise modeling are functionalities under discussion for the next code quest …
and you have created this tool that has beautiful ideas and concepts that work …
@William the guy who takes care of the design of blender says that developers like you, could help and contribute in some way …
that’s all…
I believe that there are excellent possibilities by joining forces :slight_smile:

Great Addon!

On 4K resolution the spacing seems at the moment broken:

But the text is already bigger than in the previous version which is a huge improvement!


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You have made a really cool add on. Please add more snap option. Like to the center of a face. Thanks you for sharing; want to draw a cylinder to center of a face.

This is really cool - figured it out. Thanks you so much. Now sketchup is gone for good.

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Oh soooory! I will fix it in the next version. Or i can send you a quickly fixed one tomorrow if you need. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Happy to see you solved it.
But good idea, i will add a face center point to the simple vertex/edge snap:)

I can wait, it dosen’t bother me that much. :>