qdune test (now with "Len")

just some tests, renders sharp fine lines.
all scripted objects, haven’t tested shadows yet, particles work, but not halos.

Pretty cool results, love the first one.

very nice,very nice

@Borgleader thanks, the second one is a bit weird even for me.
@tcrazy, thanks.
So the next render took over a hour.
got some transparency & micropoly displacement in the bottom left quarter?
Test to see how it handled complex materials & multiple textures.
minor brightness lowering & background lines (i missed some,:() in ps.
QDune did well on this I think.
I tried several other complex scenes with high vert counts & crashed out every time.
Anyway hope it doesn’t hurt your eyes too much:D
Show me the color!

last test, downloaded lowest quality “Len” portrait. Found here:
added 2 sun lights with very low settings, slightly pink light.
one left side , one front, slightly rotated.
The thing is, this took under 30 seconds to render.
the eyes have it. qdune may be ‘dead’ but whats to come from the build may be brighter.
last test on this, much better is in the BF pipelines, under 30 seconds to render this…