qiucktime textures broken on mac G5?

I have a quad-core G5 running 10.4.4 and Blender 2.40 and for some reason whenever I import a quicktime file as a texture it shows up blank, as if nothing was imported at all. The filepath shows up in the “image” pane under textures but nothing displays in the preview window or at render time. Any ideas?

mm…quad…i’m jealous!

You mean using a .mov file as a movie texture? I think only uncompressed .avi’s work…but I could be very wrong.

Hmm, I didn’t know that. I’ll test that and see. Don’t be too jealous the qaud isn’t as fast as I would have thought–I’m wondering if maybe blender doesn’t take advantage of all four processors very well.

Quicktime works fine, And your right Blender doesn’t take in accound multiprocessers very well, you have to click threads to get some of a boost.

Hmmm, did you press the “Movie” button above the filepath?