qt lib nightmare and yafaray question

alright, this is regarding yafaray and blender

its a dual question

1: i have set up all my materials int he yafaraya script, and they look good, for as long as i dont have multiple transparent objects on the same line of sight, is i do they turn pure black.

does anyone know why or how to fix it?

2: the extra program qt lib that you need to run it on windows
its really small, but when i installed it its increasing its size!!! right no its at 4 GB and on my desktop its at 6GB!!! what is going on?

and is there a way to make it smaller??? i tought it was supposed to take up only 32 mb

well thats all. a real nightmare with transparencyes and hdd space

i appreciate any comments regarding either issue, i have been playing and researching this for the past week, but found nothing of use. i did find a tutorial for transparences, but my render looks nothing like theirs ( i have black, they have a nice overlapping transparency) and we are using the exact same settings

i also tried contacting yafaray, but i never got an answere

but yeah, thanks in advance everyone!