QTCreator parsing and build time

After some sweating, I managed to insert a few lines of code using QTCreator and then rebuild Blender.exe.

I have two questions for more experienced developpers:

  • Is it normal to have 15 minutes of “parsing” every time I open the project into QTCreator ? During this time, much of QT IDE is almost impossible to use.
  • What is the standard build time of Blender.exe after modifying a single C file ? It is a few minutes to me, and this seems like too much, but I have no reference.

Many thanks.

Not sure why this would be, on my system which isnt so new - from 2010, (it takes around 14 seconds to parse)

Qt Creator 3.0.81 (built from git, but parsing speed didnt change for me much in years).
AMD Phenom™ II X6 1055T, running Arch Linux.

Thank you for your answer. I am running QT 3 on Windows. I find it very good to navigate Blender code, but it lags and hangs when I type, plus takes 15+ minutes to parse every time I launch. Since I hear QT is fine on Linux, I will install a dual boot and switch to Linux today for Blender development. By the way, thanks for your videos on coding, they are very helpful. There are millions of tutorials on using Blender, but very very few about coding Blender.

In my case, I can’t use versions of QT Creator major than 2.4.1 because it lags and hangs when i type. (with version 2.4.1 or minor i don’t have this problem)
AMD Phenom™ II X3 720, running Opensuse 12.3 32 bits

Thank you for your feedback Jorge. Indeed I went back from QT 3 to QT 2.41 and I don’t have this problem anymore. And actually I don’t see what new amazing features I would be missing using this 1 year old version. It is strange, though, that v3 has such a big problem and no one at QT cares. Maybe it’s something specific to Blender ?

I do recall there was some issue hanging on blenders code, quite sure the issues fixed in newer builds.

Just to note. I’ve compiled qt-creator from Git repository against QT4 and now I don’t have any issue related to hang and lags anymore.

I think the issue is only with the official releases.