Qty Limits in Blender?

(Anton42) #1

This is more of a curiosity question, yet answers could be valuable.

Does anyone know, or maybe we could ask the devs, what the limits of scenes done in Blender are. How many materials max? How many vertices per scene? Per mesh? How many polys, per scene and per mesh? How many textures, for lamps, worlds and materials, each and total? Etc, etc :slight_smile:

And, as a side quest, what does “packing” do? When working on my “Xmas tree” challenge pic I came up with about 980000 faces in the scene, and the .blend file ended up to be almost 30M big. I turned the “packing” on, yet the size didn’t change much. When I WinRAR-ed it, it shrank to 800K (pretty good, eh?), which allowed me to take it from home to work on a floppy. Maybe packing is not for making files smaller… what’s it for, then?

(S68) #2

Many of these questions were answered in this forum before:

MaxVert in ONE mesh 64k
MaxVert Whole Shene somewhere around 1 million (some sources states 2 million)
MaxLamp 256
MaxMaterial in ONE MESH 16
MaxMaterial overall, never reached :slight_smile:


(Anton42) #3

Thanks, Stefano. Sorry for asking something that could be available by thoroughly searching the forum.

(phlip) #4

Packing is not a compression thing, it simply adds any images used in textures, etc to the blend file, so it can be distributed wilthout the image files.

So, if anything, packing should make the file bigger, rather than smaller.