Quad core burn-in

I’m going to be burning in a quad core for the next few days so if someone has something they would like rendered and didn’t want to tie up their own machine, now is a good time to use someone else’s computer.

Quad Core 2.83 Yorkshire
8 GB RAM, DDR3 1600
GeForce 260 GTX (not really going to help for rendering…)
Vista x64

So let me know if you’d like to help with the burn in.

If no one responds I’m going to have to do a lot of ray trace lighting with cubs to pass the time.

I already have a Quad Core with 4 gigs of RAM, I’m good here, sorry.

I have a dual core. I also have a project that I stopped working on because I need to work on animation skills, and also because render times would make your computer ask for a fifth or eighth core!

“Burning in”…?

Sure, some people put audio CDs in the freezer to make them sound better, others burn in their CPU for better overclocking… :smiley:

Jokes aside, I guess he’s just testing his system for stability…so why not letting it do something useful instead of stupid Prime etc…

well I’m just going to animate something and start rendering – really this is just to make sure the system is stable before turning it over to my friend.