Quad Core CPUs

Intel released quad-core cpus. Of course they are expensive, but they’re available. And their existance can only push down the price of dual-core cpus. I’m an AMD man myself, but kudos to Intel for raising the bar.

I have a dual core that I use extensively for Blender. It makes a world of difference. I can continue modelling while I render an animation, or use both cores to complete the animation faster.

Quad core chips will make theaded functionality all the more important - especially for processor-intensive tasks like rendering.

I have an AMD opteron 275 dual dual-core (i.e. four physical cpus)
and let me add, quad kicks ass. now if only blender gui/physics/fluid were multithreaded. the idea’s been tossed around, but basically it’s a lot of fucking work and is only feasible until at least v.3. right? someone prove me wrong!

I’d love to see benchmarks for this single quad chip vs my setup - I wonder if intel has solved the problems with their multi-core architecture that has a bottleneck in the cache (basically their four chips can’t work together as well as AMD chips because AMD figured out how to get all 4 cpus working on the same chunk of data.) the detailed tech stuff is beyond me so if I’m talking out of my ass let me know

The article says that Intel basically put two dual-cores into the same physical package and called it a quad. It’s pretty much the same setup you (NodeRanger) have, but the processors are glued together.

This stuff is a little over my head too, but from what I understand, the Intel chips have a bottleneck at the front-side-bus whereas the AMD chips have a dedicated bus between cores.


Intel is usually the first to bring in a new standard, and then AMD comes in with a refined, and overall better version of that standard.

I’m waiting for the AMD quadcore.

All for a paltry 1.5 grand.:frowning: Intel Core 2 Extreme

AMD Seems to have been lacking as of late, for now it seems like Intel’s pulling out the better products on the market, maybe there still too busy Assimilating ATI…

Here’s a benchmark of the new quadro chips:


Not all that great I’d say but there are a lot of factors. Software not tuned to use the hardware to it’s fullest for example.

I’ve seen other benchmarks that are more favourable but the more cores we get, the more it will depend on how well the software is written. The same is true of the next gen consoles.

Multi-core CPUs are great when you use them but it’s so disappointing when you come across a program that only use two CPUs because you feel that you have just blown so much money for very little added value.

In China the Intel products show conference they use Blender to demonstrate the power of quad core :slight_smile:

Looks over at PowerMac Quadcore

Been there…have that…

Granted…it’s two dual core chips…and this intel thing is well…two dual core chips as someone said “glued together”…

Good phylosophy. I usually do the same.