Quad Cores

Well I hear that Blender supports dual cores, but does it support Quad Cores? If not will it support them in the future?

For rendering blender will support upto 8 cores(or threads) but for most other things it will only utilize one core.

yea, it will only really help you when rendering.

For normal operations, you can have multiple instances of blender running at the same time. That might come in helpful to someone somewhere.

Ok well rendering is benefit enough to go Quad, but what about fluid sim, softbodies, and particles? I would think it would be only one core considering :/.

I think fluid baking is only single-threaded, so in that case, even a dual core doesn’t make a difference to it (?) As for softbodies, that is done in realtime AFAIK (?). Particles not sure of the mechanism, but I think the scene preparation in the render for particles is not multithreaded, from what I could glean from the grass tutorial render.

is there no way to use 2 cores for normal operations?
if not, does anybody if it will be supported in the next future?

The 3D view, where you do your normal operations, is rendered by your graphics card. A dual or quad core will help you while running Blender by making the whole computer more stable and capable of running multiple applications, but it won’t give you a performance boost in normal work. Only in rendering will it speed things up.

is there any 3d solution that uses multiple cores for normal operations on mac?

Here is a link showing tests what blender can do with multi cores.http://www.eofw.org/bench/?PHPSESSID=e83f64129b90964b36e0778451748779

I believe there is effort to make other parts of blender multi-core.
Quad cores are really coming down in price. Down to 266$ for a cpu. A great value for Blender. Burp and respower are great options too that might save more time and money than buying a new computer.

Whatever you do. Don’t buy amd x2. I have an amd 4000+ x2 and it sucks. It’s only good for rendering(barely).

AMD’s X2 certainly do not suck. I have a 6000+ and it renders just fine. However, it will not render as fast as an Intel core. But since my machine is for gaming and not just rendering, my choice is AMD.

The reason Intel cores are faster at rendering is because they have a very sophisticated Math Co-processor. This processor runs alongside (and sometimes is integrated into) the processor die and does heavy math calculations for programs that use floating-point math (Microsoft Office, Render Engines, computational apps, etc.) Rendering greatly benefits from having this sophisticated processor. AMD’s cores only come with a basic math co-processor, and therefore are not suited for floating-point math, like rendering.

One should always use an AMD core for gaming, though :p.


What about the AMD Athlon 64 Quad FX? Are those any good?

I saw an early testers review that shows that these chips outperform anything that Intel either has or is going to have in the immediate future. But, one review is about 100 shy of getting a good picture.

Also very expensive as you need a dual socket motherboard, and the processors themselves are also expensive. They also consume a lot more power than an intel quad core chip.