Quad mesh from 4 curves?

Is It possible to make a Quad mesh out of these 4 curves see (LEFT image)?
and if this is not possible in Blender, what other Software could be used?

Blender makes a triangulated mesh, if you hit the F key, which is very very basic, but really not usable (Center image)

The triangulated mesh (Right image) is shown as a reference to see how further subdivision would help in developing a smoother surface.



bsurfaces addon for making the surface.
Could also check decimate modifier.

is the tri’s to quads function still availabe? i can never remember the shortcut for it

Yes, still in 2.66. Alt+J.

I thinks the tri’s to quads command is supposed to be ALT J, but it does nothing when applied to a tri’s mesh :frowning:


Could you share the .blend? Maybe others could find out why. http://www.pasteall.org/blend/

I have uploaded only the original portion of the mesh pictured in my original post: Bat1.blend
since the total mathematical surface shown in the second pic. is made by mirroring the original mesh 8 times.