Quad Remesher auto-retopologizer

Need help. I just transferred by Blender to a new computer and now Quad Remesher doesn’t work. Is there anyway to REMOVE ALL and do a clean install? I can’t find where it’s stored. I keep getting this error:


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Looks like vc++ redist 2013 is missing in your system… :thinking:

Try to install it and try again…


Thanks. That did the trick. Much appreciated. I wonder why the author didn’t put a check for that in?

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Hi Chipp,

normally this message is the check :stuck_out_tongue:

Joke aside, the author should add some more love for such cases. A common problem these days…

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There’s a comparative on BN about them

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I have proudly purchased a license of Quad Remesher for blender!

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Hi guys,

I noticed that Quad Remesher automatically makes a copy of a material when you use the ‘Use Materials’ option.

It would be great if the materials that are assigned to the remeshed object would use the same materials as the source mesh.

I’ve asked Maxime for it, but he is incredibly busy, and suggested that anyone who knows Python is free to take a look at it, as the Blender add-on is GPL-licensed.

If anyone would be willing to take a look at it, I’d much appreciate that.

Many thanks in advance.

This has been hugely disappointing for me to discover. Meanwhile, the Max modifier list can be endlessly expanded with plugins, MCGs, and the new Bifrost procedural modeling system.

Also, the new native Max auto-topo tool is a modifier.

Such a shame that this is the case with Blender’s mod stack.


They’re called spiral loops. A long-standing issue with auto-topo solutions. There is no system that doesn’t create these currently. Zremesher 3.0 was supposed to eliminate them, but it doesn’t - as you’ve discovered yourself.

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Maxime (the Quad Remesher developer) wrote this at the Polycount forum:

I plan to maintain UVs in the next version of QuadRemesher.

That said, depending on the input mesh different technics must be used:

Let’s consider your existing UV seams as an edge selection. The big question is:

In the retopo mesh, can you get edge loops on ALL these UV-seams edges path (of the input mesh)?

  • Case1 : YES!

Typically a mesh coming from MarvelousDesigner, or a mesh with a relatively good existing topology and UVs.

In this case, I will be able to maintain UVs. And the textures don’t need to be changed.

  • Case2 : NO!

Typically a mesh coming from scan+automatic UVs or sculpting+autoUVs or a mesh with ‘bad/strange’ uv seams …

In this case, UV map can’t be transferred to retopo in a straightforward way. Moreover all textures will need to be modified to be suitable for retopo.

In which cases are you ?

It would help if you could send me some meshes with UVs that you want to retopo while maintaing UVs.


Of course he cannot get seams, if they’re not already there…
But if they are, how can he get them if he changes the tessellation completely?

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It’s magic! Maxime is The Witcher!

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Having fun with Yennefer and modifying meshes with Aard all the time, hmmm…

This explains why he hasn’t posted any line over here… .

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Maxime did reply to some posts in this thread. Just search for user @Max33 in this topic.

ah thx :slight_smile:

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I’m not going to buy a software to have to be using it with wine… I know the intention is good but I think it should have a native version for Linux.

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I run it through Wine and met no issues so far.
I’m just wondering, when run natively on Windows, does it use multithreading? With Wine it uses single core.

@Musashidan You can see the response from the man himself to the issue, here: https://lists.blender.org/pipermail/bf-committers/2016-January/046507.html
It’s highly unlikely to see thirdparty modifier plugins in blender any time soon. Adding any kind of comercial plugin to blender is a chalenge by itlself due to GPL restrictions and blender’s monolithic architecture.
I wrote more about it here https://devtalk.blender.org/t/blenders-architecture-concerning-everything-nodes/9888