Quad Remesher auto-retopologizer

Great! I really hope so. About C4D You can try it right there: https://www.maxon.net/en-us/try/

No idea what are you talking about go to maxon page and there is a centos and ubuntu full offline installers.

Long time ago I read one discussion about it. In this time Maxon do not offer Linux version, this was “reserved” only for studios with many licences and some “power” users. Like I say guys describe this as old version, without or with little support from Maxon. I never dig about it, Linux is not my cup of tea.
Maybe Maxon change his mind in couple last years.

Will this addon work well for scans? I have seen some users complaining for freezes when trying to do retopo of this kind.

Quad Remesher can work fine on scans, but I’d advise to first use Blender’s native Voxel Remesh tool to make the mesh manifold if necessary. Then, depending on the amount of polygon detail, I’d recommend applying a Decimate modifier to reduce the amount of triangles before running Quad Remesher.

Also, any vertex colors that might be present in the scan will be lost, although you could use Blender’s Data Transfer modifier to transfer the vertex colors from the original scanned mesh to a subdivided Quad Remesher result.

Good question. I’ve added the question and my answer to the FAQ in the OP.


you must use wine to open it in linux i guess…

Oh so it sounds like it may not work. My last work after heavy decimation is 10m poly and can’t be voxelized because it is interior model. Another question then. My workstation is not connected to the internet. Is there any way to use trial version on computer like that? “Net PC” I use is so weak I wouldn’t even try to import 10m poly to Blender.

I don’t know to be honest. Maybe someone else in this thread might have tried it?

I think an internet connection is at least needed for the initial add-on registration and installation, but if you want to be sure, it’s best to send Maxime an e-mail.

Quad Remesher can handle non-manifold meshes as well, you just have more chance to achieve a nice result if you work with manifold meshes that are not immensely high-poly.