Quad Remesher auto-retopologizer

I wouldn’t know about that, but you can always ask this in a message to the developer. Also, I assume recent buyers will be compensated if a major upgrade follows soon after you bought it, offering a discount or maybe even offering the upgrade for free if you recently bought Quad Remesher.

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Thank you! I’ll message him.


Has ANYBODY in all these years tried to use Quad Remesher via bpy blender python?

bpy.context.view_layer.objects.active = mesh

exports a bunch of fbx files for internal processing, which finish:
export finished in 3.4219 sec.
and then it prints:
cancel called!!! – why is cancel called? I didn’t cancel anything

then throws this error:

Python: RuntimeError: expected class QREMESHER_OT_remesh, function cancel to return None, not set

And there is nowhere to find out what the heck that even means

I’m very curious about this too. Did you get a response from the developer?


This was Maxime’s response:

I’m working on the next version but I don’t know when it will be ready
to be released. (6 months ? 1 year ?)
The new features are:

  • Keep UVs,
  • Fix Volume Shrinking,
  • procedural nodes (depending on the softawre
  • Speed improvement.
  • Bug fixing.

This happened mid august somewhere.


It seems that there is no need to worry about the new version upgrade for the time being. Thanks for the reply!