Quad Swords - free addon for cutting mesh into grids


This tool cut your mesh into many grids by X, Y, Z axis !
It use blender’s knife projection to do the cut.
Knife projection is useful for creating grid edges on an object, but it is troublesome to setup.
It need to create a separated object, select two objects, align the view…
So I made this tool.

It is free on gumroad :

Enjoy ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Author of grid modeler


So cool :grinning: thanks.

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You are welcome! :innocent:

Great idea! As usual! :smiley:

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Thanks bro :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Really nice addon… thanks for making this.

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No problem :sunglasses:

Version 1.1.0 :
It is updated !

  • Added the option to cut selected faces only :slightly_smiling_face:
  • bug fix

Enjoy !


I really appreciate the share of this addon. It could be really useful. But unfortunately it has some really disturbing bugs. Whenever i change the Slice Density it zoom out like crazy. Not sure why that happens and i dont know so much about Python Programming so im unable to figure out and solve this problem. So maybe you could fix it Kushiro?

Youtube Video (Sorry for the background noise from the fan)
Blender Addon Quad Swords problem - YouTube

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Thank you for reporting :slightly_smiling_face:
I fixed the bug in update 1.1.1
Please update it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Just did a small update for quad sword, and sharing it back. hope you find it useful (feel free to incorporate into “official version”, in that case)

i added the option, that REMOVES old edges after applying “quad sword”. It is basically the same shape, but mostly with new edge flow, so it is kind of “Axis-aligned” remesher, that keeps UVs, VCs, etc, etc. It also keeps seam and boundary edges intact.

It is not ideal - since the perfect dissolve with such massive edgelist not possible (or i don`t know how to do it properly) - and slow (brute-force approach), but with many shapes it works well

quad_swords_upd.zip (7.2 KB)


That looks great. Almost looks like a solution for retopology.

It is a creative idea :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
After writing this tool, I tried myself to make a real quad (100%) remesh tool, but not success yet.


Thanks so much for sharing. Awesome work mate. The addon seems to have issues with a plane mesh that is like this:

You did mention that the remove old edges is not ideal. I am trying to find a way to get all the squares to be of the same size, with some degree of the displacements retained (doesn’t have to be precise). The remesher that comes with Blender doesn’t give quads of the same size running through the mesh.

This addon is awesome. Just wish it could completely eliminate the old edges and keep the new grid.

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Thanks! I also trying, made some improvements myself already (not ready to share yet), especially with small selections

The problem with remeshers (blender, zremesher, etc) - they competely kill UVs and VCs. There are some transfers tricks, but for UVs this is not working at all - easer to rebuild from scratch // With this dissolve approach it is mush easier not to remake unwrapping, but simply connect some missed points and tweak them here and there, much faster.

Also, with this approach it is possible to re-grid only part of mesh. Connection between re-gridded parts and the rest of the mesh is messy, but UVs are intact, in general

Thats great news :+1:

I personally don’t mind if the UVs and vertex colors are killed. Redoing the uvs for me is not a problem tbh. Besides you can also bake vertex colors to the new remesh once the new uvs are done.

Remeshing with very good results (especially quads with the same size) imho is more important than uvs and vertex colors but I appreciate and understand your consideration of their importance and how they influence remeshing.

Maybe release a version that kills uvs and vertex colors and has great quads and another that retains uvs and vc? If you don’t think that is neccessary, I fully understand and will support whatever you consider is the right approach.

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Maybe release a version that kills uvs and vertex colors and has great quads and another that retains uvs and vc?

The idea of quad sword is to “cut” the mesh, and cuts are keeping data layers properly interpolated from the start, so it is not an option here.

Some improvements mentioned above are mainly from switching from knife-project cuts (as in original quad sword) to direct bisects in bmesh. this is faster and allows for more precise cleanup after cuts. and works with selection-only cuts too.

Still not ideal, but good enough for me. But you can try to push it further, if you want, to satisfy your needs. Here is the latest bisect version of quad swords: quad_swords_bisect.zip (5.3 KB)

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Thanks a lot for the update. here is a test with the latest update screenshot33

While this retains the shapes and keep them in tact, the topology is not usable for further subdivisions if needed. Any chance you can pls add a only quad option or remove contour topology?

I can see the perfect equal quad sized grid generated by the addon which is awesome but the contour topology can be an option for those who need it.

Some of us might want only quads grid and not mind losing some of the initial shapes as that can be got back using the shrinkwarp modifier or sculpted back.

Also thanks for the quick updates and response. Really appreciate it :+1:

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Well, in case of simple grid (that is placed mainly to one of the local axis) no need to bisect along Z… I just added an option, it can be really useful. Just set density scale per Z to zero to remove excessive isolines.

But this is not universal - will not work for weird orientations, and there still may/will be points that prevents “fine subdivision”. to prepare mesh that is subdiv-ready is much more compelling task, i guess //

here is updated version - quad_swords_bisect.zip (5.4 KB)

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Thank you. Works perfectly:

Noted. I completely understand and agree with you.

With the option you added, we get some more level of control. Very useful.

Thanks again for the quick update :+1:

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