Quad to triangle faces, direction of new edges?

Heya folks. Long story short, I’m new to Blender, but while I only understand a little of it so far, I’m trying to see if Blender scripts or Blender techniques can be used to get past barriers in Wings 3D (the program I’m more familiar with), and barriers with the normal triangulation of quad faces in Blender. I’m here on behalf of myself, and whatever other builders I can help in the game Second Life. Thanks in advance!

Right now I’m trying to find out if a script/technique exists for creating triangular faces from quads in a perfectly uniform fashion/direction, and if not, what would be involved in making a script that could do that. Simply using the basic ctrl+T does not accomplish what I need.

Specifically, when new edges are made via making quads triangular, I need them to point from the bottom-left corner of a quad to the top right. In Second Life, edges formed by triangulation only render if they face one direction across quads. That sort of direction is shown in this screenshot from within WIngs 3D:

Wings 3D can’t swiftly achieve that effect (New edges crisscross), and while Blender can achieve that for basic/unformed shapes such as perfect spheres, it seems to calculate triangular faces depending on distance between vertices, which makes triangle faces point different directions based on shape. I’m hoping a script could make those new edges all lay the same direction simply based on being a quad face rather than based on vertices measurements.

Here’s a picture of what the basic triangulate function does in blender on a cube formed from a sphere; the sides containing the shape’s north and south poles triangulate oddly based on the varying vertex distance, and the sides that do not contain north/south poles have uniform distance and triangulate exactly the same, coincidentally in the direction I need.

Extra info:
-The only script I’ve seen that claims to be able to tessellate/triangulate things differently is JMS’s tessellate script (Wireframe and Shadows), which does not offer the simple changes I need.
-Also, a further explanation of why I’d need a script/technique for specific tessellation/triangulation for Second Life can be found on the Wings 3D forum:

Oh right. I forgot to directly ask “Does a script/technique for this exist, and if not, what might be involved in making a script for it?”

I don’t know anything about Second Life, but did you try to simply export your mesh using these scripts → http://dominodesigns.info/project/primstar
IMHO, it should know how to triangulate things.

Oh, yes, I’ve got that installed already, it’s one of the programs that allows models to be exported from Blender to Second Life. If it adds a uniform version of making triangular faces, that’d be a perfect fix, but I haven’t seen that anywhere yet after installing it. I’ll start looking for that option, but assume I haven’t found it unless I post again saying so, hehe.