Quad View Change?

A bit of a weird question and I even feel a bit stupid having to even ask, but I haven’t had a chance to touch Blender for the past couple months and am just getting back into the swing of things with 2.71 and am having a bit of a problem with the quad view now.

I always used Ctrl+Alt+Q to quickly switch between perspective view and the orthographic views. I already discovered the change in the Display panel where you can unlock the way that hotkey performs so that it doesn’t always return to the perspective view. However the issue I’m having is that whenever I go into one of the orthographic views for a quick modelling change and then want to switch back to my user perspective, after going back into quad view the user perspective panel is now an exact copy of the orthographic view I just came out of. It feels like it’s just extra hassle now to have to hit another key to switch back into perspective mode and get my view re-situated with the way I had it before. Is there anyway to make it behave like it used to?