Quadcore performance


Does anybody know of a test of different quadcores (Core 2 primarily) and their performance in Blender?
I’m thinking about the performance differences between different amounts of cache and higher fsb (would a Q9550 be a lot better than a Q6600 for example)?
Maybe even compared to dualcores to see the gain a quad gives you.

I hope somebody can help me on this.


I’m not quite sure if you can find what you’re looking for there,
cause that test is not limited to quadcores,
but it’s worth a shot ;).

That was actually very good.

Though it gave me other questions…
What makes my system so slow? My render time is 2:18.46.

My system is as follows:
Core 2 Duo E8400
Gigabyte EP45-DS3R
2x2GB Corsair PC2-6400
750GB Samsung F1
Club3D HD4850 512MB
(I think those are the components that matters)
I see other users have fairly similar setups with much different render times. How can that be? Is it really such a bit advantage using Linux or is it other things that play a role? I’ve read something about problems with ATi cards. Do gfx-cards affect render times?


In the benchmark test given in the previous post, try to find the rendering time around where most of your processor you pick up us. I went for a q6600 core, I thought I’d get rendering on the benchmark at less than 20 seconds (first hit in the list), in practice it renders the test scene at around 30 seconds.

It’s not always the number of cores that will give you a faster render speedup. The memory bus speeds counts as well. Keep that in mind.

I found my first error :eek: Only renderes using one thread. Using two threads I got down to 1:12:90 which seem more respectable. Still the Linux results are a bit better.

Memory frequency, fsb, CPU frequency was also what I thought about in comparison to rendering time. Though this chart doesn’t give a clear answer to that question, it’s still pretty good. Gives an idea about the effect of different CPUs.

Uh if you have quadcore you should set the threads to 4 … and X, Y parts something else than less than 4…

I know about the threads. My own standard setup is set to auto, but the test.blend file from the bench site was set to 1.

What does the X, Y parts do?
(I’m relatively new at this, and it’s only a spare time thing. Nothing serious.)

If you set threads to 4 and x_parts, y_parts less than 4 you will loose a cpu.

Give it a try. Set threads to 4 and then set your parts to 1. You will only use 1 cpu.

For best speed simply match the parts to the CPU count.

So why use less CPUS?

I have done some informal comparisons, and there is a slight blur applied when Blender assembles the parts into the final image. You can actually see the difference. If you render with 1 part, a single bucket is used for the entire image and it does appear slightly sharper than using multiple x/y_parts.

well with a Q6600 and a really good heatsink… you can overclock it to 3.2 and have it running stable… and cooler than it would run with standard heatsink.

Most of the q6600 there are overclocked up to 3.4, or 3.6 GHZ (which is really easy to achieve for a Q6600)…

You might want to look into that, too, if you feel comfortable with it of course…

Rendering is very bandwith dependant, and you have quite low speed Ram, and at stock settings most likely a low FSB as well, which bottlenecks bandwith again if all 4 cores are set…

Also you said that you’ve set Threads to 2, but it has to be set to 4…

And yes, Linux can make such a big difference, especially if your Windows installation is not tweaked for speed.

And no, it has nothing to do with the graphics card.

Linux does generally render slightly faster.

I have a dual quad core setup, and I get about 15 seconds for the test render. However, don’t think more cores are better. I actually kind of regret going for more cores over faster processors.

Basically, the test render is fairly uniform, so it’ll take roughly the same time for each section to render. However, if you had a scene that had one really tricky section to render you’ll see a lot of your processing power siting idle well it waits for the tricky section to render. Plus, if you do a lot of compositing, you’ll notice a lot of the compositing nodes don’t take advantage of more then one core. You really have to have scenes that take advantage of the multiple cores, which is something to keep in mind.

Usually having more parts for the renderer to do can be better for cores stuck on tricky sections, works for me.

This is true; however, in my experience, it seems like there is a fairly low limit to the number of parts you can divide a render into (ie, anything past X number doesn’t divided the render anymore). Of course, it is possible I’ve just been doing something wrong.

In many cases you can safely get faster render times by setting threads to double the number of cores… (as long as you’ve got enough xy parts)… eg on a quad core, threads=8 xand y parts to 4 (16 “parts”)…

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Yeah, that’s what I did.

Also, try an optimized build from http://www.graphicall.org/builds/index.php, (that’s the only way I got the top three scores on the benchmark site, as of this post.)