Quadface - Sketchbook

Hi all. I tried to make this thread yesterday but got a database error when everything was written to post :smiley:

So today I open it again. I had an sketchbook in the past but now about some months later I open it again. this thread is about sculpting mostly, and the ocassional retopo. Some concepts for modeling will be included too. I usually do my own concepts, as I draw too, but I am a very normal drawer nothing to hype about.

I believe you can get a good model with even a very simple and cheap concept, the important thing is doing fresh, proportional, well silhouetted concepts and a design that works well for the idea. A bit embarrassing to me with the level here, but I had to do it. Everyone has the right to improve, right?

Here is a ninja, that is not valid because I made it by parts. Im developing a ninja game, and I plan to animate and model it with a tooned look, like hand drawn. The complete game will have this looks. I have first level carefully paint that I plan to model exclusively in blender, and everything in the game. I post it just for the sake of it.

And here is a manga face Im doing , sculpting at the moment that I made just to test the toon shading Im working on with nodes.

Nothing to hype but well, I will add more things as time permits and I improve. Cheers.

Worked a bit more on the manga head. Vertex colors DOES NOT work so well on sculpted meshes, do it? Im trying a way to paint on sculpted meshes. I think I will have to retopo it to see.

pd: perspective view, many many people sculpt on ortho. That is a very old mistake (on zbrush they had the same thing till they changed to perspective). ITs no problem but if you do intent to have a 3d print of it that means problems. That is why I always sculpt in perspective.

more updates. At the moment im working with sculpt like : sculpt high detail, decimate, sculpt again on little detail zones with brush detail option in dyntopo- decimate again. It works more or less well.

Testing shaders. This time With another stylized head (an old concept of mine).

Vertex paint over a sculpt. Sorry for the messy triangles, there is no retopo just painting over sculpt. XD

More sculpting. This time a demon head to kill the time.

my (old)computer cant handle more than 500k tris so I have to make big efforts with preserving detail. This is 16k tris, not bad. “set Smooth” works well if you dont touch high detail zones too much. Decimate works well for small detail it keeps it almost intact.

Resurrecting an old thread from a year ago. Ive been some time into 2d animation, pixel and vector art but im back to 3d because in 2d you have to make everything and in 3d, even if complex, has a lot of easy things done for you, like rotation or perspective done. I have still to get up and running some unity 3d packs I promised myself to finish in blender.

Ok, so, this is some of the sketch/sculpt work I have done recently before an hd crash in which I loosed almost everything (usb backups for lazy people are always forgettable :D). a batmanic face, a heroine girl and an oldman thing… cheers.