Quadface's Blender works

Hi all!

I’ve been using blender for about 5 years and I am still learning. I first started using blender when I was drawing a lot (comic book etc) but as I see I am not a very good drawer I kept using 3d. Still is cool to be able to throw some simple concepts and make it in 3d. (For me 3d and sculpture feels easier to do than drawing).

I’ll be doing lowpoly work, highpoly, learning how to do good topology, learning texture painting and animation. You can see this all over my works, some of them show better than others.

This thread is always Wip as a way of forcing myself to improve and learn blender usage to the better. I’ll show some works of pure modelling, sculpts and low/highpoly.

Sorry if my english is not very good (I try). Hope you like it!

Ok, some lowpoly:

This is an alien from a remake of an old spanish 8 bit videogame I was doing with a friend (handpainted).
IT was a hell to UV, because I had to break the ship in some parts to prevent uv distortion because of lowpoly usage:

More lowpoly work this scenery for the same game took only 2000 polys. Everything is normalmapped If I Knew the technique from michalis for doing UV displacements I would have used it. Nonetheless it looks cool, it’s a retro amiga style game:

some more lowpoly work in progress. Sonic (sonic 4 hd style) , 1000 tris. retouching textures. 256 x256 from downgraded 1024 (better result than working at 256 directly) :smiley:

LAtely I am not sculpting so much. I find myself able of doing a complete model just by submodeling and using loopcut and K cut tool. Sculpting is difficult for me because of my lowend computer (3 gb ram dual core laptop) but I can work well in lowpoly (and its more difficult than it seems). Will post final animated version :smiley: Of course, copyright Sega, this is only for practice :smiley:


This is the final sonic(4) lowpoly version. 1000 tris (500 quad) and 256x256 tex. As compact as I could without looking too lowpoly. Animatable (The animation is cheap XD but for demostration purpose.

The second one is a Jason I did in some old blender version (2.44 I think?). Decided to revamp it, so you see it as it was some years ago (have to fix proportions and a lot). Its just an sculpt ATM. Hope you like it :smiley:



Im working on a ninja. This time doing it right. I find it really helpful to model from concepts even if the concept is really cheap or badly drawn the important thing is the idea you extract from it. You will have time to fix everything, include details and sculpt variations. Ive seen really simple concepts and very well transition to 3d to a masterful model.