Quadface's Sketchbook

Ok. So much talent here… but I really, really want to improve my sculpting abilities. So I started a sketchbook and lets see how it goes.

old cheap sculpts first. I will post later I am looking through my oldsculpts. Cheers.

This is a bust, based on an old drawing of mine (character design for a shooter :D). When I Finish it i will post for comparison.

3d changes sooooo much from 2d, its never exact. wip.

update of the stylized girl head, slowly but surely :smiley:

Still going. Very difficult to maintain the style I want but I try.

Forgot to add I work with a 3 gb ram laptop… I will have to piece the sculpt at the end :smiley: because I normally cant sculpt more than 500k polys without lag (even with dyntopo).


Learning cycles. I see its a quite fast renderer with very good quality for sculpts. Im so used to BI xD. Sculpted a bit more. Polish brush is good for eliminating lowpolyness (well its a cheap way because big lowpoly squares are there, but you can minimize it temporally). About 100k polys.

Started with a count dracula that I had a concept drawn. Simple, but good exercise.

Body from skinmod… still thinking about if doing the clothes directly from sculpt (pinch+crease+polish) or by extruding.

update on the vamp. Now onto refining the head (the most difficult). Still got to create the cape, chains, and details. (the image all views are on perspective). I was sculpting in orto most of the time, but I was advised not to do, always sculpt in perspective because thats how the real world is (and 3d printers works on perspective).

update on the drac. Worked a bit on the face… I think Im learning to use dyntopo… just go where you think you’ll need detail (like a face, hair or detailed area) and start putting some clay there. Then go to edit mode and observe the density, if enough density then polish and all the plane-like brushes will work very well and make forms better :smiley:

Still lots to go …

Update. Working a bit more on it, im going very slow… because I am not very active this week, playing with cycles for the hang of it :smiley:

Good start man!

This is what I am doing at the moment, sculpting motifs, this time aztec style (a very interesting style).

The idea is to do a whole statue or totem, but I dont know yet How exactly I’ll do.

This is what I have atm, dyntopo, blender internal + procedurals (WIP) (click for larger version):


update on the aztec figure. the idea is to do lots of figures, aztec dragon heads, feathered serpents and stuff. all of them in the same column… XD quite a big image at the end xD BTW its perspective view. I only do ortographic for sculpting very tiny details for external big detail or forms its better to use perspective.

cheers, long time no posting.

After some long pause sculpting, im back again. This time doing a series of characters, after watching some sculpting tutorials and learning some new stuff I didnt know.

Streets of rage 3 (old sega genesis game) character DR. Zan. Next Im working on is Axel Stone. Done entirely with dynatopo. (still wip).

Good work! I am liking your Dr.Zan.

Hi. more old work :smiley:

This time Axel Stone… this an old version I may return to it now with last version of blender. Lots of time not sculpting and more into drawing.