Quadform Sniper Concept

Its been a while since i made a gun.

Took a lot of time but as this was my first sniper concept i guess its first time thing and i learned a lot from this one once again so its all good.

Used Hard Ops, BoxCutter and MeshMachine plugins for most of things.


Lots of renders.


This is fantastic work and a joy to take in everything! Awesome Work
Question…Do you know of a good tutorial for meshmachine that really goes into detail?
Im struggling to find anything good and easy to understand


I used MeshMachine mostly when i wanted to finalize or revert something. Not all the time.

Basically i used it when i was happy with all stuff made with HardOps + BoxCutter which are mostly modifier based. So after modifiers are applyed i do cleanup and there MeshMahine comes handy.

Sometimes cleaning up is not even needed though but that depends how complicated specific part gets.

Just by watching some of videos from masterzeon https://www.youtube.com/c/masterxeon1001/videos should help you understand most of HardOps+BoxCutter stuff.

Also Ponte seems to have good tutorial videos and tips https://www.youtube.com/c/PonteRyuurui/videos

Thank You…yes I have HardOps and Boxcutter and was a patreon for a while he is a great teacher.
I will check out the other video and guess I need to experiment with it more
Thanks again for the info