Quadify a Meta-Ball convert to mesh result?

Hi All,

I have a metaball that I have converted to mesh. There are some triangles in the resulting mesh. When I visually inspect the mesh certain areas, like the one shown in the image, seem like good candidates for quadification. What is the best or preferred method to handle these kinds of cases?



If it wasn’t producing horrible losange areas , i would have recommended the Remesh modifier (as end result is supposed to be always quad based).
Now if i had to quadify a mesh obtained from metaballs, i would just retopo manually.

Excellent place to apply the grid fill tool! Delete a nice ‘square’ area and call the tool, it does a great job on metaball meshes at least for me.

Thanks for the TIP I was just watching Jonathan Williamson’s tutorial on the Grid Fill, gonna give it a try.

The Grid Fill is an excellent tool when you retopo too

By example, you have 2 edges of same amount of vertices :

You create an edge at both of those edges extremities

Subdivide those edges to obtain the amount of vertices you want on them

Select then only the original edges

CTRL+F -> Grid Fill :

Works for holes by example
CTRL+F -> Grid Fill