QuadRemesher auto-retopologizer released

QuadRemesher — a new auto-retopologizer from the developer of ZBrush ZRemesher — has been released for 3ds Max, Maya and Modo. The info page indicates that Blender and Houdini add-ons are currently being worked on:


Wow, the QuadRemesher coder didn’t only develop ZRemesher, but also Decimation Master and UV Master. Those are three of the most brilliant ZBrush features. I’m in awe. :clap::ok_hand:

U$109 for this kind of feature, daaaamn I need it!

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Not bad :disappointed_relieved:


Seems to be very good

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Doing retopology is the part I don’t like. So seeing the results in the screen shots is hopeful.

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I don’t know if the Polycount thread is his official thread about it but nobody has really talked about it there since he released it. I’m hoping we give him some super love once he releases the Blender version and it’s not just a bunch of moaning about the price.


Agreed! I’m really looking forward to the Blender add-on release of QuadRemesher. It will enable me to create everything in Blender, in stead of switching between Blender and ZBrush.

Some more QuadRemesher auto-retopo examples from the tutorial videos:

Looking at the results there are pleasantly few five-sided singularities, and no six-sided or more singularities.


I’m wondering on the indie license, it says no commercial use. :sweat_smile:

I hope there’s something outside the pro version for actual indies, instead of just the educational version that you have to pay for.


It really should be called “Hobbyist” not “Indie” since it gives the wrong impression.


I thought thas was funny too, ha. Seems like a great tool however. Would love to see some examples using CAD models.

Edit: Actually, the bishop chess piece, might just be that. I’ve got to see how well the normals transfer then.

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Don’t forget ZsceneManager, the first ever proper subtool management system for Zbrush.

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Absolutely. Give that man a cigar! :+1:

If you want to view more QuadRemesher retopo examples, check out the developer’s Sketchfab:

How does it handy CAD models? The ZRemesher output is still disappointing for CAD models.

Check the hard-surface models in the developer’s Sketchfab. Link can be found in a previous post.

Looks pretty good, I have Modo so I’ll give the demo a try. Definitely would buy either version Blender or Modo.

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is he allowed to develop this outside pixologic especially zremesher is now integrated with zbrush & looks similar to this, does he have full rights to the tech??just wondering.

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My honest Opinion is that yes its a bit Pricey but Its not the full price of Zbrush
And for years I’ve wanted an independent Zremesher even if it costed $50

Might be a bit higher than I expected but its probably worth it because there is nothing better than Zremesher.

Instant Meshes = Garbage
Quadriflow = Garbage
OpenVDB isnt exactly a retopo
3D Coat = Its not as good as Zremesher, it has some issues with thin edges and following them

What would make it more worth it is adding the Guides feature which is coming in the next version probably.