Quadrepedal tank

just a little thing i was going to try to texture, rig, and animate (like ill ever actually get that far though, HA). still need to do a lot of work on various things, mainly the part where the cannon connects to the chassis. i was trying to keep it fairly low-poly.


did a little more:

trying to reduce its poly count. the back under the cannon is still fugly though, ill have to fix that.

the hinges that connect the main frame to the legs confuse me a little. why does it need to rotate like that? it just seems like that would make the legs need to rotate in a very strange way. sorry to be so picky about the design, but stuff like that just sticks out in my mind. other than that, the model looks good

i thought the same thing, after trying several things, thats what looked the best. It would work as a suspension system, or a way to pivot the main chassis on uneven ground. if i add another hydraulic arm on the underside, it would give it the ability to raise the body above the legs. but mostly because it adds to the look.

ah, i didn’t notice the other hinge on the frame. i thought that the legs would just rotate up at a weird angle. now that i notice that, it makes alot more sense.