Quadriflow remesher

Suddenly I see on Github this quadriflow remesher for blender:

Anyone got that to work?

I suppose you have to adjust the path to the executable somewhere.


I also played a little with the source and made a full addon with it if you’re interested in compiling stuff. Just change the paths in build.bat


Did you build it for Windows? Any plans to put builds on github? And what is the result compared to other remesh solutions for Blender?

Yeah, this doesn’t seem to work. Get a [WinError 2] error when you try to run it.


OK, I figured out some issues. Seems you need to remove “.output” here. It tries looking for “object_name.obj.output” ,but the file created is “object_name.obj”.

Also, you need to rename these with “.exe”.

Even with those changes, it seems it’s for a 32bit computer.

Yeah, seems like both files are incompatible with a 64 bit computer.

Yeah, not sure why that is. I thought you could run 64bit and 32bit on a 64bit computer. I have installed several 32bit programs with no issues.

whoa, citing myself…:space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:

I had contact with the developer of the addon. The executables are for Linux, not Windows.
And it’s in pre-pre-alpha state. Though he got it to work in Blender on Linux; Spacebar, search quadriflow.

Solved this issue.

Just install pybind through VCPKG. I also put the binaries on Gumroad here https://gumroad.com/l/PMwVB


Yeah, I figured that out. It’s not enabling in blender.

I downloaded from the link you posted and that enables fine. What makes no sense mine looks the same ,but gives a error.


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Here a comparison:


Thanks ! Can u provide more examples , compare to zremesher with a model from zbrush, i can provide to u a model - https://mega.nz/#!5yZz1ShQ!eewqNyHgAplgBZIRlna8_j7A29a2yvCmkLez_DBamYY


Could you build an exe - 64 bit for us too? :slight_smile:
(I only see a .dll)

Seems pretty nice!
I wonder if there is a symmetry option.

No need I suppose. You can run 32-bit on Windows 64 bit and its quite common (MSOffice 32 bit for example).

windows builds please.

Ambi posted it some post ago!


One thing I noticed, the polygons setting in operator settings doesn’t change and do anything if you change it. Anybody else noticed this?