Quadriflow remesher

(bkjernisted) #21

How do you install pybind through VCPKG? How do you install the binaries. I don’t know what these things are. Thanks Ambi.

(tin2tin) #22

First download the add-on and then install it. Works as a normal add-on. (At least on Windows).

(sirmaxim) #23

The default is 500 which you can see from the other post, but if you could adjust the paramters, here’s 10x resolution (adjusted manually by me) at 5000.

(bkjernisted) #24

Thank you tin2tin.

(Pitiwazou) #25

Does Quadriflow has more options than the number of faces?

(ambi) #26

Yeah there’s limit to sharp and adaptive options, but you have to run the operator manually. I didn’t include them in the panel because sometimes they crash.

(LeighAH) #27

Thanks for doing providing this, it’s quite interesting to play with.

(AFWS) #28

Made some minor tweaks to the settings. I got the polygons setting working in the operator properties, since it didn’t seem to do anything when changed. Also, added a few others. I can add the changed qf_remesh.py file if anybody wants it.

Show Wire:
Toggle wireframe on both the remesh object and original.

Duplicate Object:
Duplicates and remesh the original object, instead of just changing the original object data.

Aligns the remeshed object over the original.

(uruburei) #29

beautiful additions to this excellent addon. I would like to try this. As pitiwazou mentioned, it would be interesting to apply the mirror


How do you install this addon on Linux machine?

(ambi) #31

I changed the price because I don’t want to so heavily undercut other similar addons, and trivialize other peoples work.

The source code (which is GPL) will be on Github, just the convenience downloading binaries is on Gumroad. There’s also a couple of ideas that I’d like to implement which take significant time that I’d like to see done, which require funding.

@blndrusr depending on how much there’s interest, I will also compile Linux binaries


Oh, I see. I don’t really need such feature, just wanted to play with it :slight_smile: Maybe I will try compiling by myself.

(Metin Seven) #33

There was already a discussion about this on Blender Artists:

Basically, Quadriflow is Instant Meshes with some post-processing to remove triangle dead-ends. But 3D-Coat’s Autopo and ZBrush ZRemesher are better. See this article for more info about that.

For Blender there’s also Tesselator as a very affordable option.

More about auto-retopology can be found in this Blender Artists discussion.

(Peetie) #34

Oh sorry, all I did was asking about an addon I’ve seen suddenly on GitHub (see first post) not realizing it could end up in a similar discussion about auto-retopology in another thread

(Metin Seven) #35

No problem, I just thought to add some pointers to related discussions, to extend info on the subject.

(Pitiwazou) #36

(Jeacom) #37

Nice to see that someone could integrate the binaries to blender, I was thinking in doing something deeper like reading the paper and implementing the algorithm from python.

@Metin_Seven , you mentioned the post processing algorithm, I didnt read the whole paper but it seems like it is a direct improvement from the singularity attractor from Instant meshes and operates directly on the directed edge graph whatever “directed means”.

I think we could implement this algorithm or a similar one to operate on bmesh. and use as a tool to “[email protected]#k” topology in geneal

(servapunk) #38

Why this thread got moved to Modeling?.. I see a lot of potential on this quadriflow algorithm. Its the only solution (for blender) that I know that doesnt produce singularities and its multiresolution friendly. Could this addon be improved? defining the flow with grease pencil and simmetry.

(AFWS) #39

@uruburei and @pitiwazou and @servapunk

I have been playing around with symmetry and I have found something that works pretty good. For the most part it keeps quads. In this example it mirrored the left side. I sculpted with symmetry ,but then tweaked the left side a little. That’s why it looks a little similar on both sides.



BakeMyScan - Open Source toolbox for asset optimization
(Pitiwazou) #40

Seems nice, well done :wink: