Quadro RTX 4000 good in 2021?

So I tried to buy an RTX 3070 ti, and of course failed, bots bought them out in a blink of an eye. I’m so desperate to buy a card. I have an old radeon RX 480 and I need a card.

Looking at:
The performance seems acceptable. Not as good as a 3000 series RTX card like a 3080, but what can you do.

The point is it is available, unlike EVERYTHING else, and it is an acceptable price. What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Seems pretty tempting atm since the quadro RTX 5000, one step up is double the price if not more.

I’m recommending people go for an ebay Nvidia GTX 980 for about $200 until cards become available. It does not have RTX so probably about 4x slower at rendering than a 3070 with RTX.

For the $1200 of the RTX 4000 you could get a scalped RTX 3070 that would be faster. If you use the “pro” features of the Quadro it’s a good buy. I think it’s good for cad stuff. Maybe some Adobe stuff?

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