quadro vs Geforce

Okey. so i will buy in future new PC… but that’s not the point

Which is better? and why i can get it why quadro is “for 3D”

http://www.nvidia.com/object/product-quadro-6000-us.html - quadro best model.

http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-590/specifications - GTX.

So basicaly: on the left quadro

Cuda cores:
448 vs 1024
6 vs 3(1.5 per GPU)

We are not looking on prizes. But Why the quadro is better and maybe not but i think yes?

Memory it is what? how big scene we can render…
Cuda cores it is how fast?

By all means if you think you can get your money back in a reasonable amount of time the QUADRO 6000 is THE professional choice IF you need to render on GPU and to fit <=6GB scenes there. Else stick to the geForce - it’s cheaper.

If i get 2 GTX in SLi i will have 6GB memory or only 3GB but 2x times faster?

The next gen. GeForce cards which are to be released like tomorrow is waaay faster than the cards available today. The GTX680 will have 1536 CUDA cores, three times the cores of a GTX580.

About the main question. I have a Quadro 4000 and a GTX285. They are about the same in Blender but the Quadro is way faster in Maya (OGL) and After Effects/Premiere (video acc.).

2 GTX in Sli won’t be twice as fast as one. They will be about 60% faster. Only 3GB Memory will be “usuable”.

My old Quadro 600 has relatively pathetic CUDA performance and fast opengl.

We used to have a decent Quadro but couldn’t install it without AutoCAD 2011 already being installed and activated on the system. Couldn’t even get the thing to work in Linux.

The quadro will have the better OpenGL performance, more professional OpenGL features, better support and unlocked double-precision performance (irrelevant for rendering).
The dual gpu GTX590 has more raw power and will render faster (although at only 1.5GB it will be more limited regarding scene size)

We are not looking on prizes
One should, though. At over 3000€ I doubt the Quadro is a reasonable investment, at least for rendering. For that you can likely buy the equivalent amount of performance in the form of (consumer) CPUs.

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