Quadruped - Metarig

Hello, I was working on a quadruped rig recently using rigify samples, and thought it will be good to share it here as a Metarig.
Apparently it’s possible to save Metarigs using the “Rigify Encode Metarig” function when hitting space in edit mode.
would be nice also to commit it into blender but not sure how, and who is currently maintaining rigify.
would be even better to have some library that people could upload and share their metarigs. maybe with the cloud?

The WGT controls could probably be scaled and moved, but I would let you do it yourself via the WGT objects.

you can download it from my github

Download Quadruped for blender 2.77


Download Quadruped for blender 2.78to use it just right click save as, and then copy the py script to the folder in

on another note
If you want the spine to work really properly, so that all the bones stretch equally and not just the 2 middle of them as it is now. then you could also select the spine bones in edit mode and then use my script to create spline from bones.
this will create a new armature with only the spine bones attached to a curve and hooks, the hooks you could link to the bones in the original rig. SplineIK in blender has dependecy issues and is working properly only when using it on a separate armature (could be part of the deform armature).
hope it was somehow clear.

Great addon!! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the addon.

Look nice thanks

This is pure perfection! Thank you so much! I hope this gets put in the official build of 2.78

Thank you. Look forward to give it a try :wink:


I feel incredibly stupid but I copied the script in the folder and it doesn’t work :frowning:

I also happened to me , the exact folder is this \scripts\addons\rigify\metarigs

This is brilliant, and saved me so much time. Thanks snot_nose !

I went a step further and made an addon which allows you to save custom metarigs to the metarig folder. Ive made an addon from the built generate function. The addon allows you to save your metarigs to the metarig folder and add a custom folder there. On reload that metarig will show in the add menu. Ive also added the option to save rigify rig settings as presets. Thats saves a lot of working if you use custom rig settings


nice one, looks usefull!