Quadruped retopology

Greetings Blender community. I’m a newby blender artist who’s trying to get better at making 3D models to help give me references when doing 2D art.

I have a small question. So I know about the importance of retopology and I know how to sculpt, but when working on one of my random creatures it occurred to me that I have no clue on how to do the hind leg joints so that can move and bend properly.

Does anyone here know a good place I can go for references? I have an account on BlenderCookie but didn’t see anything there.

I know for modelling humans you should go into it with a basic understanding of how the muscle structure works but I haven’t seen much for animals.

I’m thinking I should have done a loopcut where I want it to bend properly, like at the crevices so it can move more naturally.

Why not try doing it and seeing how it works? It’s better for learning rigging if you try things out rather than waiting for someone to tell you what to do!

Why not give a guy a break and just say yes or no? :confused:

Sorry but that sounded kinda rude. I’m only asking here because I don’t really have as much time as I used to, was actually at work all day and don’t have the time to fully work on my model tonight. That and school is starting soon so need to prepare for classes.

Guess I’m on my own on this.

Sorry for not being more helpful! Yes, based on the info you have provided about what you are trying to do you should definitely make a loopcut at the joint.

I did and it’s working fabulously,

here’s what it looks like after. I don’t have a real before picture but imagine this being mostly flat where the 'knees" were

Sorry about earlier, I was kind grumpy over imagining retopologizing my model for the 4th time due to me learning as I go.

Actually, I DO have a before picture,

From another angle but you can still kinda see how flat it was and the horrible mess it was in the middle. I’ve got a ways to go with this stuff but I’m mostly making basic posable models for my art so I’m not going for anything perfect