Quads can we make them and export them?

I know it is possible to export a quad polygon with 3dsmax, but with all other formats so far (ase, 3ds etc.) except the .max format are turning these quads into 2 triangle polygons. :stuck_out_tongue:

3dsmax tech info:
How meshes are created
The mesh is created in three steps based on the detailed criteria: initial quads (estimated to roughly meet the criteria), refinement (subdivision to meet the criteria), and adjustment for trim boundaries.
]Surfaces are meshed in a two step process. First a regular quad mesh is created and then that mesh is refined by splitting some quads into 4 smaller quads. The Maximum aspect ratio, Maximum edge length, and Minimum initial grid quads settings control the generation of the initial mesh. The Density (Rhino 4 only), Maximum angle, Maximum edge length, Minimum edge length, and Maximum distance, edge to surface settings determine which initial quads get split up[

Is it possible to correctly create and export quads in Blender under 3ds file format? :slight_smile:

Please let me know.

No. By definition the .3ds format can only handle tris. Just convert tris–to–quads in MAX or Blender after import. Don’t know about MAX but Blender’s “Join Triangles” or “Convert Tris to Quads” function usually works fine as long as the original file used (the one woth Quads) is of a good topology in the first place.

.obj format should export and import quads OK so maybe give that a try. Again the topology needs to be clean to start with for best results.


What about the .ase file format, do you know if it can correctly export quads?

Dunno about .ase, never used it. Any reason why you can’t test it yourself and report back your findings to help other users in the future?