Quads to Tris, How TO?

I want to check out “ivy_generator” but it requires you to convert quads to tris first. is there and easy way to so this in blender?

In EditMode, vertices selected, Ctrl+T.


Or you can use the f key instead if you like.

<edit> Note that this works only in simple case in which you have two adjacent triangles. Also noticed that I read the title backwards (tris to quads). Duh. :stuck_out_tongue: </edit>

alt P goes to quads if you ever need to go backwards

if you wondering how to find this without shortcuts its under the space menu -> edit -> faces -> convert to triangles


thats what I get for trying to find things when sleepy. I got up this morning and found it pretty quick like. must of just overlooked it last night :o

good to know the shortcuts for going back and forth though!