hi . i am trying to model a gun with Beziers curvers
but when i put those beziers into a Mesh . i need to face the whole thing
but there are soo many vertices . so when i face it i have a lot of ‘tris’
and when i smooth then . i got all sorts of stripes and things that are wrong

now . i should use quads i know . but this is nt possible with that model .
anyone knows what to do ?


Yes. remodel it using quads. I can assure you it’s very possible.

yes . i’ll try it . but i have some many vertices .

i used a Level 3 subsurf on it . so .
will be hard work . thx for replie

greetz . M .

Don’t use higher than level 2 subsurf. You absolutely won’t need it (render level 3 is okay).

Also, don’t hit “apply” on the subsuf modifier. You don’t want to be working with all the subsurf vertices.

Looking at your gun, I think you will be much, much better off with quads than with curves. Although I know how you feel, when I first tried a gun when I’d started Blender I also used curves. Big mistake.