Quake (1996 game) bsp import script

Thank you for this :slight_smile:

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I tried this a few weeks ago (imported in 2.79 and then moved to 2.80) worked like a charm!
Was thinking about doing a partial remake of DM4 (just as an excercise), that specific map is like a childhood home to me :slight_smile:
Have not gone further than some geometry cleanup though, mostly due to lack of time and energy… if only I was young and full of energy again.

Thank you for your efforts!

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I disabled the light importing features of the 2.79 version when I updated the addon for 2.80, but today I decided to bring them back in a new 0.0.9 release. Here are the new features:

  • import entities as empties
  • import entity lights as lights in Blender
  • import info_intermission and info_player_start as cameras
  • sort objects into collections
  • automatically set up the viewport for better initial visibility of the scene

Note that if you import a bsp with lights, you might have some trouble with Eevee, as some maps have a ton of lights.


I got some requests to import the extended limits BSP2 format, and since it’s almost the same, I added it, along with support for Half-Life 1 maps and a few other features. Here’s what’s new in v1.0

  • Support for Quake extended BSP2 format
  • Support for Half-Life maps (no textures will be loaded, as they are not packed in the bsp)
  • Textures using alpha will have a proper node setup
  • Textures using fullbrites will have a proper emission shader setup
  • The default shader is now Diffuse instead of Principled (slight performance improvement)
  • Liquids and skies will use emission shader instead of the default (closer to Quake)
  • The default scale is 0.03125 (1/32) so that 32 units is exactly 1m in Blender
  • Filtering on textures is set to nearest, instead of linear, which looks much better

v1.0 for Blender 2.80


I fixed some bugs that appeared due to API changes in Blender, and while I was in the code, I made some other changes:

  • Optimisations for a large import speed boost
  • Support colored lighting
  • Fix light brightness level (now quite similar to Quake in both Eevee and Cycles)
  • Fix bugs that cropped up due to API changes.

Download it here:
Quake .BSP Importer v1.1

I also made a related add-on for importing Quake .map files:
Quake .MAP Importer v0.1


Is there any way to import Quake 1 BSP into Blender, so that the textures aren’t packed into Blend file, but instead saved loose in the folder next to blend file ?

Also wondering if support for Hexen 2 BSP and Quake 2 BSP files is coming soon :slight_smile:

There is no official Hexen 2 support, but it might just work, as I think the map format is the same. Quake 2 is unlikely to be supported, since it would require a bunch more work, and I don’t really know anything about the format. If someone else sends a patch to add it, then I will add it.

With regard to the textures being stored outside of the blend file, that is something I could look into adding, since it would probably be quite easy.

https://i.imgur.com/VKy4Srd.png I don’t see why you’d need it to directly unpack them, unless you’re doing batch work.

Hi there, this is a long shot but does anyone know if there is a blender 2.9x version of the .Map exporter as opposed to the importer ? /end necrobump

I never made an exporter from Blender, although someone else could have. I made a map and bsp importer (which should both work with 2.9x already) so that people could import the old data and use Blender to convert it into data suitable for other game engines or make renders or whatever.