Quake 3 map exporter from 2.49 to 2.6x - how much is involved ?

There is an extremely good Blender to Quake 3 .map exporter that can export any geometry into a set of brushes (especially useful for terrains) for game engines that support Quake 3 map format (.map for Q3 can even be converted into Doom 3 .map). The issue is that it’s for Blender 2.49 only. I could probably live with that if I could run scripts for Blender 2.49 on Ubuntu 12.04 (can’t run any scripts for some reason).

How much pain (if it’s a lot of work) is it to port this scripts to Blender 2.6x ?

LINK: www.kot-in-action.com/files/exporter-0.21.zip

P.S. Stock .map exporter in Blender produces messy results and isn’t suitable for terrain collision mesh exports.

It’s no problem easily achieved yourself if its just textures, I have my baseq3 folder with a bunch of .aas files for maps under the pak4.pk3 file but I dont see any .map files if the exporter supports the aas standard I would be very interested in porting it for you, but if not just assume you add faces before vertices, my blender2.59 crashes when looking for edges connecting for some reason but its fine adding edges, triangles and quads all from the bpy.objects[].data.faces.add method.

Well, .map files are source files for levels. You won’t find those in Quake 3 installation. The final goal is to have exporter exporting into Quake 3 .map and Doom 3 .map files (slightly different formats).

Blender 2.59 seems to be obsolete, so the target is 2.62 and 2.63+

If you are going to do the porting, I can make some example .maps and find specs for you. Thanks!

P.S. You can actually look how stock Quake 3 .map exporter does conversion from meshes to brushes for API purposes.