Quake Arena Live


check this out - pretty sweet Quake Arena 3 online through a browser …

Phew, #3505 in queue for “dressing up” :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sofar it has been a non-experience - I get queued every time, and when I’m about to be let in, I get logged out. Logging in again puts me back in the queue. Sofar the game gets -1 from me.


Sweet, i always liked to play Q3 on LAN…
but there is no OS X and Linux version of Quake Live yet, well… have to wait abit longer :frowning:

The only thing that’s really new with QL is the community platform that ID offers. That’s what q3 was lacking from the beginning and q3’s biggest flaw.

QL is a good start but as the options for customizing q3 are too restricted it isn’t that sexy yet. I hope they will add mod support and a way to freely load any map available for q3. Right now it’s only a handful maps and 4 or 5 gametypes. :confused:

btw: visit kulturteilleser.eu (german) and bow to ze skill, yay :smiley:

There are also new textures + matchmaking. The game shows you players with your skill so you have an even enemy. Can’t wait to play today :)!

ya but still the performance is fast and it is played through a browser and it is fast.

not that bad.

can i play Q3 individually?

I find arena based games quite boring. Kind of like racing.

can i play Q3 individually?

You just had to show me this during finals week. Oh dear. hahahah
The only thing that I wish it had was the ability to not have a crosshair at all - I don’t like having one, and the original Quake 3 allowed this.

Please don’t tell me that you play JRPGs

omg… i was thinking of breaking my addiction to quake 3 and now look at this!!

Exciting idea…I was thinking…hey …finally a way to invite friends to Quake
without forcing them to pay for a license!

I already have Quake-III Arena (the license & Linux version) so to me this is
merely…well…a fun idea, really.

But they don’t support - or - have a plugin for Linux yet, that makes it a No-go for me
as I don’t even WANT to use my windows for online gaming (too many viruses, worms
and c*** so I limit my time on vista for pure banking reasons).

you can play against other human players online. Additionally there are practice maps that you can play against an AI but as soon as you know how the bot works it’s getting boring.

what do you expect from an old engine that runs at full fps even on my eeePc? Q3 isn’t hardware demanding and the fact that they put it into a browser plug-in isn’t making a good game.

The community base is the thing that makes it interesting.

Now if only they made a Duke Nukem, UT2K4 and Serious Sam online games…

yes q3 is old enough you didn’t even need a graphics card to play it when it came out, even most cpus back in the day could run it as long as you didn’t set the graphics too high. but with QL there is no mod suport. i liked the mods and user maps. you can get ut3 for $20 now so the full version of q3 or ut should be about the price of a big mac.

Zapman kinda negative your comment isn’t it?

Continue that thought or progress they started.

I was in the closed beta, and it was very fun. However, I recently got into a different game’s beta :wink: so I’m gonna wait to play Quake Live again until I don’t have to wait in the queue.
Also, you can still use the console. You have to hit either ctrl+~, alt+~, or ctrl+alt+~. Sorry I don’t remember which :frowning:

i’m in queue #7044

i wanna play! D:

Ive had the same experience as Nathan so far. :frowning:
A pity, sounds interesting!