quake models

(levon) #1

can you import or expert quake 1/2/3 half life etc. in blender or are ther any plugins or 3rd partie utilities to do this


(hermy) #2

i know that there is a .pak extractor tool to upack the datafiles of quake1

you can change all the wav’s etc and edit the models. however i dont know in wich modeler they were created and my best guess is that the wont be importable in any version of blender. however i’m convinced that there are pack extractors for quake 2,3 or halflife. and chances are better here. i think halflife & QIII models are actually 3dsmax models. so if you can find a tool to convert these to blender, you’re all set.

this is all very theoretical :-?

(RipSting) #3

You can go through a number of 3rd party freeware applications to do this.

Search the net for MilkShape 3d. I believe you can use it to import md3 files (quake format) and export as DXF which Blender supports. It also works the other way around. Correct me if I’m wrong.

(levon) #4

i found a link to a python plug-in for changing mdls to blend files, but the site was down. another thought, could i use the pyton in QUARK to open the mdl files, i know they use python for every thing in quark.

(Riskbreaker) #5

Okay, you can extract a *.md3 from a pak or pk3 file using Winzip and then import to Milkshape 3D.

Is there an import format in blender that keeps the uv co-ordinates intact? Or must I re-assign the map co-ordinates (man, that would suck) ?