I know this isn’t a gaming forum, but I thought I’d share this little gem here.


:o , don’t know if I should be impressed of sickened. I know the download is really big, but this just blows the mind :o

(if you’re downloading from fileplanet and need a gamespy id, just ask and I’ll put one up)

I have no life

didn’t download those…but I saw some a long time ago. Those guy are awesome!

Once I saw a 11min or so at nightmare for quake1…it was like the best movie ever haha

the quake 2 done quick are also wicked!

I saw I think the first one a few years ago, was like 16 mins. I watched all of Half-Life done in one hour, that was very impressive too.


And did anyone notice, but the movie is named trr.avi. surely this can’t be a reference to the nineteen page discussion on our own elysiun? Or am I two paranoid?


run forest run :stuck_out_tongue: boy he is fast lol.